When you become an escort in West Bromwich, it is important that you are working with a reputed and trusted agency. One that truly cares about your well-being, safety and that pays a good wage. The last thing you want is to be sat around for hours for escort jobs. Only for the agency to take a big chunk of your earnings. Work here and benefit from how a high class escort should be treated. Our professionally ran escort agency can offer you the best earnings, a safe and fun working environment. That does not infringe on your personal life or current commitments. If you are a female, aged 18 years old or over. As well as being legally allowed to live and work in the area. Attractive, with a friendly personality and services to match. Then get in contact today for more information. Alternatively, apply online to work with our agency.

Being such a busy and well respected establishment. We are always looking for females who are suited to the role. The joining process is always open. We always have escorting vacancies! As we can never have too many girls in this popular industry. We have a vast client data base, who regularly use our services. Of course, there are clients who eventually become a regular of one individual girl. But there is also a huge amount who get their thrill from visiting different girls each week. As well as the large number of businessmen who are staying temporarily in our area. Not to mention all of the clients who live in the West Midlands who prefer to use our agency over others. Therefore, we can guarantee you regular work!

Enjoy an extremely high income.

One of the most deciding factors of becoming a high class companion, is largely due to the high income it can provide. In terms of wages, it is the best paying job out there. Where you can earn a minimum of fifty pounds per hour. Adult work for females is very lucrative! Therefore, how much you earn per week is based on the hours that YOU choose to work. Including how popular you are. Remember we have the capacity to send you as many clients as you need to get started. But only YOU can make them your regular. Only YOU can get a positive review so others take interest in meeting you.

This combined with the fact that you personally, can pick and choose what days you are available for escort work. Hours are completely flexible! Choose from a part time, full time, weekends, day shifts and overnights. Or just a few hours a week as an extra cash top up. Meaning you can work around a career, family or studies. We find in general that many popular ladies work hard for three days. Then enjoy a lavish lifestyle for the remaining four days. Others who perhaps work weekends, add extra shifts to quickly save for a luxury holiday. However, the flexibility and options are entirely up to your choosing. Just tell us the days and hours, we will take care of the rest. Ensuring that your bookings are made and ready for when the day arrives.

Discreet & secure escort work.

We have ample security, both physically and for your identity. We are pleased to say that physical security has never had to be used. However, prevention is better than cure! Each girl is also provided with a security driver, who will discretely wait outside every job undertook. This personal chauffeur will also take you safely home at the end of every shift you do. You are welcome to use a working alias to hide your real name. Faces and tattoos can be blurred on your portfolio, so that you can never be 100% recognised. Using an agency as a mask for your identity ensures that no personal information is available to your clients. Such as phone numbers, keeping your identity anonymous. Moreover, the agency knows your whereabouts and exactly who you at with during your time of work with us.

It is very easy to apply for West Bromwich escort agency jobs! We have provided you with an online application form. A very simple, five minute process. Let us know some general information about your statistics and any previous adult work. Include a minimum of six photographs. These photos can be used on your portfolio if you require an immediate start. We will arrange to have a meeting. Where we will go through everything with you. Afterwards, if you would like to start and we feel you have what it takes. Together a profile will be made for your advertising. Get in touch today to begin a dynamic and diverse job!

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